Campus Placements Can Be Used for Jobs Requiring Experience

From: USADNEWS Volume VII, Issue 4 June 2013

Occasionally USADWEB is asked if a campus placement can be used for jobs requiring experience. The original preamble to the regulations at 20 CFR § 656.17(e)(1)(ii)(D), which permit the use of campus placement offices as an additional recruitment step, assumed that this option would only be used for positions requiring a degree but no experience.

In the Round 10 FAQs however, the Department of Labor (DOL) addressed this issue and determined that both experienced alumni as well as recent graduates make use of the career centers and placement offices of many colleges and universities.  It has also been the experience of USADWEB that when posting a position, most campus offices ask whether the employer is seeking experienced alumni for the position.  In the Round 10 FAQs the DOL therefore revised its position to allow the use of a campus posting for positions requiring experience.