Digital Age: Using Online Trade Associations

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 2

USADWEB is occasionally asked whether electronic journals are acceptable as an additional recruitment method. Clients are concerned that if a posting on a trade association website is used to satisfy the trade publication method, that it will be considered a duplication of the online job search website and will not qualify as an additional step.

The Department of Labor (DOL) specifically addresses this issue. Under Acceptable Publications on its FAQ page, the DOL states that the electronic edition of a professional or trade organization may be used as a recruitment source to satisfy one of the three additional recruitment methods required for professional positions. Dated copies of the posting may be used as proof of publication. Over the years, fewer trade organizations continue to publish print editions on a regular or timely basis, and often print journals do not accept classified advertising for their print publications. As this industry trend has increased, the trade association websites have become a convenient option for satisfying this additional recruitment method. USADWEB will ensure that any online posting site used for this method is tied to a legitimate trade organization so as not to confuse this step with a generic job search website.

Electronic journals are not acceptable in lieu of a Sunday print ad, nor to satisfy the journal requirement under optional special recruitment procedures for college and university teachers.