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1. Digital Age: Using Electronic Journals
2. New and Improved Advertising Order Forms
3. Making Sure Your Ad Text is Complete

1. Digital Age: Using Electronic Journals

USADWEB is occasionally asked whether electronic journals are acceptable as an additional recruitment method. Clients are concerned that if a posting on a trade association website is used to satisfy the trade publication method, that it will be considered a duplication of the online job search website and will not qualify as an additional step.

The DOL specifically addresses this issue. Under “Acceptable Publications” on the FAQ page of their website, the DOL states that the electronic edition of a professional or trade organization may be used as a recruitment source to satisfy one of the three additional recruitment methods required for professionals. Dated copies of the posting may be used as proof of publication.

Electronic journals are not acceptable in lieu of a Sunday print ad, nor to satisfy the journal requirement under optional special recruitment procedures for college and university teachers.

For more information or to link to the DOL’s FAQ page, please visit

2. New and Improved Advertising Order Forms

USADWEB is happy to announce that we have updated our Advertising Order Form! In the past, we had two separate forms; an Advertising Order Form with a PERM Check List and a SWA Order Form. While the forms were useful and proved successful for quite some time, we endeavored to create a single, more efficient form that would reduce redundancy of information and reduce space. Our new two-page form combines all of our old forms into one simple, easy to use format.

The PERM Check List is now much clearer, with much more detailed choices. Just place an X next to the options you require, and we’ll do the rest!

The refreshed SWA Order Form is even more cohesive and detailed. You can now specify O*NET Codes, NAICS codes, number of positions, and much more information that closely matches the information that most states now require for job orders.

Another benefit is that our form allows for multiple ad texts. If you would like to use a shortened text for the newspaper ads, but prefer to use a longer, more detailed text for the SWA, you can submit your separate SWA text in the SWA Order Form section on the second page of our form.

You can begin using our new form right away! To obtain our new form, please email us and we will be happy to send the form to you. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the new form.

3. Making Sure Your Ad Text is Complete

USADWEB always looks out for clients. Occasionally, we receive incomplete advertisement texts. Your ad representatives will always strive to review your ad text for completion, and in most cases will bring any missing information to your attention.

Ultimately, however, you are responsible for the ad text that you submit and approve for publication, so it is helpful to check that all pertinent information is included. Here’s a helpful list of information that you might want to make sure is included:

  1. Name of Employer
  2. Contact Information: Does the ad text provide “reply to” information for applicants? (i.e. street address, fax number, or email address)
  3. Job Location: If different from the “reply to” address, did you indicate the geographic area of the worksite?
  4. Description of Job Duties: Is the description specific enough to apprise US workers of the job opportunity?
  5. Requirements (cannot exceed those on ETA form 9089): Are there any education/experience requirements that you wish to list? Are there any special requirements, such as travel?
  6. Salary: Salary does not need to be disclosed, however if you wish to include it, it may not be lower than the prevailing wage.

As always, remember that your ad cannot contain terms or conditions that are less favorable than those offered to the beneficiary.


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