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1. DOL Questions Use of AJE for Florida Cases
2. Newspapers Implement New “Tab” Format
3. USADWEB to Host New Classifieds Site for Attorneys and Support Staff

1. DOL Questions Use of AJE for Florida Cases

It has been brought to our attention that the DOL has been questioning the use of America’s Job Exchange as a job search website for Florida cases. Some cases have been audited because the DOL claims that the AJE posting is a duplicate of the SWA job order. This is not true.

When we post a job order for Florida, we use the official site of the Florida Workforce, We must first register the employer with the workforce, and upon approval, we submit the job order. The job order posts to the Employ Florida site. We have confirmed with the Workforce that they are not uploading job orders to AJE from their website. Employ Florida is a completely separate website from AJE. Job orders that have been posted to Employ Florida have been approved by the Florida Workforce Agency.

Therefore, there should be no problem with using AJE as an additional recruitment step. Clients that have had this option questioned by the DOL are in the process of appealing their cases. If you encounter any similar problems, feel free to contact us. In addition to the proofs of the separate postings that we provide, we can also write a letter stating the above. Please use your own discretion for future cases as to whether you wish to use AJE with Florida cases or whether you would prefer to use an alternative method.

2. Newspapers Implement New “Tab” Format

Some newspapers are now using a new “Tab” format for classified ads, as opposed to the traditional line ad style. So far, only the Chicago Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News have made this change.

What is the change?

Advertisements in these papers will now have pre-set ad sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Until now, the major factor determining the cost of your ad was lineage. However, for newspapers using the new format, your ad cost will be determined by whatever box size it fits into. While the new system is being promoted as a way to “enhance the readers’ experience,” it has also increased advertising costs.

What does this mean for you and your client?

The “Tab” format is designed to highlight the most pertinent information in the ad. For this reason, the box templates tend to be rather small, given the average length of immigration ads. If your ad does not fit into the smaller box size, even if it is only over by a line or two, it must be placed in the next larger size. This forces some relatively small ads into a large ad box with a lot of empty space, and you will still be charged the full price of the larger box.

What can you do to about it?

In order to keep your ad cost low, please abbreviate your ads as much as possible for use in this new format. Your ad representative will advise you if your ad can be easily revised in order to fit it into a smaller box size. You may also choose to run your ads in another major-metro newspaper of general circulation as an alternative to those newspapers that are using the new format (i.e. the Chicago Sun-Times instead of the Chicago Tribune). We look forward to helping you navigate through this new system.

3. USADWEB to Host New Classifieds Site for Attorneys and Support Staff

USADWEB is always looking for ways to better serve you. One of the ways we hope to achieve this goal is by adding new features to our website. Currently, we are preparing to host a job posting section on our website called USADJOBS. Initially, we will be offering this as a free service as a courtesy to our clients.

This new classifieds site would allow law firms to post job opportunities for their firm. They would have the option of listing jobs in the following three categories: Attorneys Needed, Paralegals Needed, and Support Staff Needed. There will also be the potential for clients to feature job postings in future issues of the NewsBlast. We want to help you recruit!

Additionally, our new classifieds site would allow people to post their resumes if they are looking for employment. Resumes would be posted in a “Post and Browse Resumes” section. Whether you are currently employed and just want to keep your options open, or are unemployed and are looking for that great new career, USADJOBS is a great place to get noticed!

We welcome your feedback on this new and exciting endeavor. If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please let us know!


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