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1. Prevailing Wage Determinations in Maryland
2. Share Your Filing Experiences
3. Updates to America’s Job Exchange

1. Prevailing Wage Determinations in Maryland

The state of Maryland allows agencies and attorneys to create and manage employer accounts at By using the employer’s information to enroll, you have full access to all employer functions on the site. For years USADWEB has used this site to submit MD Job Orders.

Now, you will also be able to request Prevailing Wage Determinations (PWD) by creating an account at the state website The online process of requesting a PWD allows you to file and to track your request. It also reduces response time and gives you a 24-7 status.

The request must contain an accurate job description and requirements. It is best to avoid using acronyms or abbreviations and to make sure the work tools and fields of research are clearly described. Duties that fall under multiple occupations will have the prevailing wage determined based on the highest paying one. If an expertise listed is not common to the occupation or there are special requirements, Maryland will categorize the occupation at a skill level higher than Level I.

When a PWD is submitted, it is assigned to an analyst. If additional information is needed, the analyst will request it. If the employer’s agent/attorney wants to dispute the determination, a review must be requested in writing within 30 days. If a review is denied, an appeal can be filed online with the US DOL. At that point, Maryland would no longer have jurisdiction over the determination.

2. Share Your Filing Experiences

With the audit rate currently above 40%, USADWEB is constantly asked about filing experiences with postings and publications. The answers we give our clients are largely based on the feedback we receive from our client base.

Because our level of service to clients depends so much on your experiences, we need you to share as much feedback as possible with us. Please let us know what type of audit concerns arise so that we can employ pre-emptive measures for your future cases.

A dynamic field like immigration law requires a dynamic agency that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the advertising marketplace.

3. Updates to America’s Job Exchange

Recently America’s Job Exchange (AJE) made some changes to their positing process. Since the New York DOL posts Job Orders directly to AJE, they are experiencing a slight delay in their posting time as they adjust to the changes and process updates to their system. For the time being, please allow additional time for NY Job Orders to post.

Jobs posted to AJE remain online automatically for 30 days. Jobs that USadWeb posts directly to AJE are then archived in our account after they are removed from online.

To help you to select the appropriate recruitment methods, please make note of the states that post Job Orders on AJE.

Automatically Post to AJE:                                                      Option to Post to AJE:

New York                                                                                      South Carolina
Kentucky                                                                                      Massachusetts

While this doesn’t affect Job Orders or other recruitment steps, we have also found that the following newspapers post to AJE as well:

San Jose Mercury News
Denver Post
Palm Beach Post


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