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1. SPECIAL! NY Times Runs Thanksgiving Special!
2. Pennsylvania Changes Job Order System
3. Understanding the Tearsheets Process
4. People Are Talking: See What Clients Say About USADWEB


The NY Times is offering a half-off discount on second Sunday ads for the Thanksgiving weekend. Run your ad for one Sunday at full price, and receive half-off the line rate of the second Sunday. To take advantage of this discount, your ads must be run on consecutive Sundays, either Nov 18th and Nov 25th or Nov 25th and Dec 2nd. Please note that the quotes you receive for those weekends are valid for those dates only. Ads quoted, but not run on these dates, will have to be requoted at the regular rate. Contact your ad rep for more details on this special offer!

2. Pennsylvania Changes Job Order System

Last month, the Pennsylvania Career Link redesigned their SWA job order posting site to create an efficient and simplified navigation tool for their system. However, we have experienced some delays as they adjust to this new system.

Job orders must now go through an internal approval process, which prevents them from being posted the same day we submit them. Also, in some cases, it has been difficult to retrieve the new login information for companies that were registered under the old system. Some counties require that the actual employer/point of contact call to retrieve the new login information.

At this time, Philadelphia County is taking about a week to post jobs on their site. Staff members in our office are working with PA Careerlink technicians to expedite job postings and to make the system for retrieval of information easier to use.

To help avoid delays, please be sure to provide all necessary information: FEIN, salary, company and job site address, and any education and experience requirements. Providing the O*Net code is also helpful. The best way to ensure that you have provided complete information is to use our SWA Job Order form.

3. Understanding the Tearsheets Process

At USADWEB, our job is not complete until you have received all of your proofs of publication. We know that tearsheets are a critical part of the advertising process. That’s why we take special care to ensure the timely delivery of all proofs of publication for any advertisements that you place through our service.

What is a tearsheet?
A tearsheet is the proof of your advertisement on the page on which it was published. At USADWEB, we request tearsheets from publications at the time when your order is placed. Tearsheets are generally mailed to us within two weeks after the run date. Upon receiving the tearsheets, we copy and resize them for convenient filing. Once we have collected all of the proofs for a case, we mail the originals with a photocopy of each to your office. We keep one set of copies on file for our records as well.
What is an e-sheet?
An e-sheet is an electronic tearsheet. Many newspapers and magazines have adopted an “e-sheet” system for sending tearsheets. E-sheets are not photocopies. They are electronic versions of the actual tearsheet, produced by the advertising media. In many cases, the newspaper name and the ad information appear on a tab along the side of the sheet. For PERM cases, e-sheets are recognized as original proofs of publication. Newspapers and other media that offer e-sheets may no longer send original print tearsheets. Originals may be available upon special request, sometimes at an additional cost from the publication.
What if it takes longer to receive my tearsheet?
It does happen that a publication will neglect to send out tearsheets to us or that they will get delayed in the mail. Your ad representative is committed to contacting the publication to track down and deliver the tearsheets to you. Sometimes the process takes multiple follow-up requests. If you ever have any questions or want to check on the status of a tearsheet, you can always contact your ad representative.

4. People Are Talking: Read What Clients Say About USADWEB

Interested in what other clients have to say about USADWEB? Just visit our updated website to read testimonials from satisfied customers. Or you can submit your own.


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