Providing Required Info on SWA Order Form

From: USADNEWS Volume V, Issue 2

When requesting a State Workforce Agency (SWA) job order, it is extremely useful to provide all of the information requested on USADWEB‘s SWA Order Form, which is on page 2 of the Advertising Order Form. Providing the information will prevent your case from being delayed.

Most state job banks have a two-step process for registering the company and posting the job order. In order for us to quickly and accurately register a company, we need certain information required by the job banks for registration:

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). This number is required by every state in order to complete the registration.
Unemployment Identification Number (UIN) for the state in which the job order is to be posted. This is also referred to in some states as the EDD.
Contact email address. Since some states send the account password to this email address, this should be an account that is easily accessible and/or monitored frequently. This password would then need to be forwarded to USADWEB so that we can log into the account and post the job order.
NAICS code in order to properly identify the industry.
O*NET code in order to properly classify the position.
Salary range. Some states require this information but allow it to be undisclosed to job seekers.
Education and experience requirements. These should match the requirements listed on ETA Form 9089.
For first time registrants, it is helpful to provide the number of total employees employed at the company. This information can be included in parentheses in the “Number of positions available” field.
Once we have all the information to complete the registration, we are able to post the job order. At USADWEB, our goal is to post your job order as quickly and efficiently as possible. Providing the necessary information enables us to post your job order in the most timely manner possible.