USADWEB Provides Time-Sensitive Assistance with Supervised Recruitment

From: USADNEWS Volume VII, Issue 8 November 2013

USADWEB has recently seen an increase in cases selected by the Department of Labor (DOL) for Supervised Recruitment. We understand the time-sensitive nature of these cases and the need to respond within a limited timeframe to the DOL’s Recruitment Instructions letter with an outline of advertising dates.

When USADWEB receives a request to process Supervised Recruitment advertising, we give it high priority. Because most of the advertising methods selected by the DOL are online job search sites with set rates, USADWEB can provide pricing immediately without having to wait for media representatives to respond with price quotes. Upon approval of the advertising costs, USADWEB can begin posting the advertisements the same day.

As always, USADWEB will send you a proof of the postings and will review them for accuracy, ensuring that the text is posted exactly as approved by the DOL. Some sites enforce posting restrictions of their own, for instance, requiring an email address to be used for responses instead of a mailing address. USADWEB is familiar with the particular requirements of many posting sites and has established contacts with site administrators to ensure the postings conform to DOL regulations.

Your USADWEB representative is also familiar with the additional documentation mandated by the DOL for Supervised Recruitment cases. We will provide first, 15th, and last day prints for all advertisements, as well as 8th day prints where specified.

Ask your advertising representative about how they can assist you with your Supervised Recruitment cases today to eliminate some of the stress these sensitive cases can create.