Choosing a Paper of General Circulation

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 10

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires that two Sunday ads be placed in the newspaper of general circulation for the geographic area of the proposed job location. Oftentimes, the paper might be an obvious choice, such as the use of the New York Times for New York City. In some cases, the employer might suggest a newspaper with which they are familiar and which they have used previously to place advertisements. However, if you are unsure of the correct publication to use, you can always rely on USADWEB to select a newspaper for your approval.

USADWEB uses various Internet search tools to research the area of employment and to determine the appropriate paper of general circulation, confirming that the paper publishes a Sunday edition. Your ad representative can determine the correct paper based on their knowledge of the area from prior advertising experience. Occasionally an attorney might suggest a paper that does not meet the DOL requirements, either because it does not have the appropriate geographical distribution, or because it does not publish on Sunday. In such cases, your ad representative will advise you of this and recommend an alternative paper for your consideration.