Fully Educating the Employer

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 8

It is important to make sure that employers understand all steps of the advertising process, including the potential receipt of resumes. There have been instances where employers have contacted the media publication, concerned that an unauthorized advertisement ran for their company. Such situations confuse the media, who do not understand why a company would be unaware of advertisements made on their behalf. In turn, we are usually contacted to verify the authenticity of the ad. In most cases, the situation is resolved by a follow up call from the lawyer to the company to explain the situation.

Employers should also be informed that they may receive a call from the State Workforce Agency (SWA) to verify job order details. Some states, like Florida, will cancel a job order if they are unable to reach the employer’s job contact. Furthermore, employers must understand the importance of posting the job order for 30 days. We have seen cases where employers have contacted the SWA and asked them to close the job order because the position was filled, not realizing that the position needed to remain open for the full 30-day legal requirement.

Making sure that the employers know the details of the advertising campaign upfront is key to the successful placement of recruitment advertising.