Tips on Placing SWA Job Orders

From: USADNEWS Volume I, Issue 1


The SWA job order is the single most important step in a PERM labor certification case. However, placing a SWA job order can sometimes be a tedious and seemingly overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help ensure the smooth and timely placement of your job order.

Please be sure to include the following information when requesting a SWA job order:

1. Company FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number)

2. UIN (Unemployment Insurance Number)
Also referred to as the EDD (Employment Development Department) or Employment Commission Number, this number is required by the following states: Alabama, California, Idaho, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada, and Utah.

3. Company address, company contact, email address & phone number
This information will not necessarily be displayed to job seekers, but it is required in order to register the company. Registration enables the company to post job orders in that particular state. Please note: Although a company’s headquarters may be in a different state, registration is required for the state of the company’s SWA posting.

4. Salary
Some workforce agencies require salary to post job orders, others do not. Therefore, it is helpful to include the salary on all job order requests. If salary is not required for the particular order, we will not have to use it. We do request that you include it in case we need it, as states change requirements without notice. Additionally, please know that the states that require salary for posting often allow the option to hide salary information from job seekers.

5. Education and Experience Requirements
Please make sure to indicate whatever requirements you want listed for this job if they are not already specified in the ad text.

The easiest way to make sure you have sent all necessary information is to use USADWEB’s SWA Order Form. Ask your ad rep if you would like a copy emailed to you.