Classifying a Newspaper Ad

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 5

Although some newspapers run ads alphabetically, many newspapers list employment ads by classification, depending on the type of position. For example, an ad for a physician might be advertised under a Medical classification, whereas an ad for a computer programmer would be run under the Computer/IT section.

It is important to correctly classify advertisements for the purpose of good faith recruitment. Improperly classified advertisements may be looked upon as an attempt to hide the ad from prospective applicants. For example, an accountant seeking employment would not typically look under a section for construction workers.

In most cases, your ad representative can determine how to properly classify an ad, or will ask the newspaper for suggestions based on the categories they offer. More obscure jobs can sometimes be difficult to place, and your ad rep might ask you for clarification. Sometimes a job title can be vague. A senior engineer, for instance, could refer to computer, civil, mechanical, or project engineering, and more details would be needed in order to classify it correctly.

It is helpful to your case to be as clear as possible about the type of position you are advertising. The O*Net or SOC code can also be useful in determining proper classification. As always, if your ad rep has any questions about which category to run an ad under, they will confirm it with you in order to ensure proper placement of your ad.