Meeting Evolving Needs of Clients

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 7

USADWEB is continually expanding our goals and services to meet the new challenges facing our clients in the field of immigration law. With the increased scrutiny of recruitment advertising, USADWEB makes every effort to ensure that your ads are placed accurately and in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) legal requirements.

No attorney information appears on any quotes or confirmation communications from our office. As always, attorney information is not provided to any newspapers/electronic media or other publications. We do this to ensure that no attorney information appears in any media’s advertisement or online posting, to further substantiate the ethical standards to which our clients hold themselves.

USADWEB also prints online postings on the first available weekday of publication to inspect them for accuracy. Any errors in the posting information are corrected immediately, and new proofs are printed. In the event that USADWEB discovers unauthorized postings that have been scraped from other websites, we contact that site and request that they remove the posting.

USADWEB is committed to providing cutting edge service in the field of immigration advertising. We appreciate the feedback from our clients, which allows us to grow our services to meet our client’s developing needs.