What Happens if a Newspaper Drops an Ad?

From: USADNEWS Volume II, Issue 11

At USADWEB, we understand that meeting your deadlines and providing proofs of publication are two critical elements of your ad campaign. Therefore, when we order your advertisements, we receive written confirmation from the publication that the ad has been released to run for specific dates and that tearsheets will be sent. In spite of this confirmation, sometimes a newspaper or journal will “drop” an ad by failing to publish the advertisement as it was originally scheduled. The failure can be caused by either human error or an occasional computer system glitch at the publication.

USADWEB understands that this is extremely frustrating for clients and can potentially cause problems with meeting strict filing deadlines. This is why we follow up with publications within a week after an ad has been scheduled to run to ensure that tearsheets are dispatched to us as soon as possible. USADWEB also pulls electronic tearsheets weekly to ensure the accuracy of your advertisements. This also allows us to confirm that an ad has in fact run correctly, and enables us to catch any errors so that we can correct them in a timely manner.

While USADWEB is able to eliminate the majority of problems, there are still times when an ad representative assures us that they are sending tearsheets, only to admit, after multiple requests, that the advertisement did not run. In such a case, we will contact you immediately to confirm that the ad can still be run within the required timeframe for your case. Then we will confirm with the paper that the ad will run on the next available date to avoid any further delay. USADWEB works with you to ensure that no additional costs are incurred, and tries, wherever possible, to obtain discounts for the inconvenience caused.

USADWEB realizes the importance of providing you with accurate insertion dates and meeting your time requirements. In the event that a newspaper or other publication does make an error, we will do everything possible to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.